Behavioral Treatment

Autism Partnership is pleased to share a unique opportunity for families to receive behavioral treatment in a clinical setting provided by skilled and experienced interventionists receiving graduate-level training in the field of ABA and Autism.  Each child’s team will include highly individualized curriculum, program development and supervision provided by leading experts in the field with world-wide experience in Autism Treatment.  As part of their CABA training, each direct line staff member will receive 20-25 hours per week of hands-on and didactic training throughout the year. Opportunities for children to participate in additional research studies will be available.  

Autism Partnership Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding our understanding of effective and empirically-supported treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder through research, training, and increasing the availability of effective treatment to children with ASD and their families.

Beginning October 2016, The Autism Partnership Foundation will offer intensive behavioral treatment through the Center for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (CABA).  CABA is a training institute committed to furthering the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder by promoting expertise in the application of behavioral treatment through workshops, nation-wide conferences, and 1-year internship programs in their Seal Beach clinic.

CABA is currently enrolling children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ranging from 2-15 years of age.  All services will be provided in the Seal Beach clinic.  Insurance funding is accepted, per carrier. Enrollment is limited.  If you are interested in being considered for CABA services Click Here