Complimentary Training Workshop for Schools Scholarship Opportunity Available Now

Consistent with our goal to provide information and support to teachers and all involved in autism education,  Autism Partnership Foundation is  sponsoring  an opportunity  for a school  or School District (located in Southern California) to receive a complimentary 1-day workshop  for their entire autism services team.   Interested?  Application Information is below.

The Free Workshop is Titled:  “Bullying and ASD:  The Perfect Storm”

Presented by: Ron Leaf, Ph.D.and Tracee Parker, Ph.D.

This 1-day training will be provided at your district and will be scheduled for a date in the Fall.

Bullying has become a prominent issue in today’s world.Interactive Autism Network (2012) surveyed 1,167 parents and found that 63% of children with ASD have been bullied at some point in their life.Whether in the form of cyber bullying, verbal abuse or physical assault, students with ASD are being intimidated and tormented by peers on an ongoing basis. The increase in prevalence is staggering and what we are doing is simply not working.
A number of strategies have been employed to decrease bullying.  All too often they are simply ineffective.  Sometimes they even result in exacerbating situation with bullies becoming more emboldened and cruel. Since traditional strategies have been largely ineffective for children with ASD, this workshop will explore using strategies that are outside the box.

  • Prevalence of Bullying in Children with ASD
  • Vulnerability of Student’s with ASD      
  • Psychology of Bullying and Victimization
  • Effects of Bullying      
  • Traditional Approaches to Dealing with Bullying
  • Alternative Approaches
  • Mitigating Risk of Future Victimization

To apply for the scholarship:

Simply send a Letter of Interest to the  AP Foundation Scholarship Committee

200 Marina Drive Seal Beach, CA 90470   OR

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