COVID-19 Update
AP remains committed to safely serving children and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face-to-face group services are limited at this time, but may be available through remote learning.


We feel immensely fortunate that Autism Partnership and Autism Partnership Foundation have been able to continue to safely serve our families throughout the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, either in-home, virtually, or at the AP clinic (on an extremely limited basis).  This could not happen without the dedication of our extremely talented staff and the commitment of our AP and APF families. 

It seems like a life time ago that we were standing outside the AP clinic late on a Friday afternoon in March wondering exactly what “Shelter in Place” orders were, did they apply to us, and what did this mean for the families we serve. I would have never imagined that day would be the last day I would sit at my office desk in what has now been 196 days, with no signs of returning to the clinic anytime in the near future. 

With what felt like lightning speed, schedules were rearranged, locations of service were adjusted, and those children who could benefit from remote services were transitioned to telehealth sessions. Meeting via Zoom became the norm and the “new normal” emerged. 

While there is nothing we would hope for more than a return to a time when there is control over the COVID-19 virus, a widely distributed and safe vaccine is available, the best clinical decisions can be implemented, and our children can play freely together without fear; these challenging times have led to some positive outcomes that we might not have otherwise achieved.

“It is becoming more apparent that it is simply a new opportunity for growth,” explained Kandice Knopp, AP Treatment Analyst.  Despite how tough the pandemic has been and the challenges so many families are facing, Kandice shared that it has tested her creativity, flexibility, and adaptability. Our staff have found captivating ways to bring our children together by creating virtual playdates and group activities. Being together at home has provided many of our parents the opportunity to become increasingly involved in their children’s day-to-day treatment and acquire an understanding of ABA that had not previously been available. Adjustments in treatment locations have provide enhanced opportunities to target generalization and expand our children’s learning. We are grateful for what we have gained during these unpredictable times and look forward to a return to the “old normal.”

Autism Partnership and Autism Partnership Foundation are grateful to all of our amazingly dedicated staff and families for their understanding and support during these unpredictable times. 

Be safe and stay healthy!

(Andi Waks, Director of Client Services)