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In 1994 Drs. McEachin and Leaf formed Autism Partnership to meet the tremendous need for comprehensive services for families with children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. Based upon the founders’ extensive and unique experiences of providing behavioral treatment for children, adolescents, and adults, they have developed the Autism Partnership Method, a progressive approach to implementing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment.

General information

History of Autism Partnership
Providing effective services to individuals with autism since 1994

Autism Partnership was formed in 1994 to meet the tremendous need for effective services to families with autistic children.

Based upon our founders’ extensive and unique experiences in providing behavioral treatment to children, adolescents and adults we have developed a comprehensive program that provides a variety of services.

Our directors were intimately involved in the treatment program developed at the UCLA Young Autism Project during the period of 1975-1987. Our current work incorporates the knowledge gained from the University research clinic and combines it with our more recent experience delivering services in community based settings. As knowledge about effective behavioral treatments continues to advance, we have also made innovations to increase accessibility to greater numbers of children in a variety of settings. We have extended the application of this specialized teaching methodology to children who are older. While it is clear that the optimal time to begin intervention is at the preschool age, there are many older children who have greatly benefited from intensive behavioral treatment.