Counseling Services


No Cost Counseling Groups

The Counseling Department at Autism Partnership offers No Cost Counseling Groups once a month at our Seal Beach office. We currently have one group scheduled.

Counseling Services
General information

Counseling Services

Counseling support is only available for residents of the state of California

Autism Partnership offers a wide range of counseling support.  Our experienced clinicians are available for individual and couple counseling and parent support services.  Because we specialize in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) we have an awareness of the unique challenges individual with ASD and their families are experiencing.  Our goal is to increase family stability, create strong sibling support, and assist individuals with ASD gain a fuller understanding of their w


“The Role of Counseling in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
by Marlene Driscoll, MA, LMFT

This week, we’re excited to share with you an exclusive article “The Role of Counseling in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder” by Marlene Driscoll, MA, LMFT. In this article, Marlene explores the benefits of counseling on both children with ASD and their parents. For children, counseling may be beneficial in increasing independence and responsibilities when fading intensive services. For parents, counseling can help them navigate the world of ASD treatments through the many financial, emotional, and physical stressors they face.


Counseling Services FAQs

What types of counseling services do you provide?

We specialize in offering individual and couple counseling for those with social skills impairments, social or general anxiety, and individuals with a diagnosis of ASD, their siblings, parents or care providers.  We have extensive experience with these concerns as they are expressed across the lifespan and we work with children, adolescents and adults.

We are passionate about providing quality support to parents to help them navigate treatment and services and improve their confidence in their parenting skills and decision making.  Our counselors are skilled at combining their knowledge of practical behavior management and interpersonal therapeutic support to address practical and emotional challenges facing parents.  Whether clients are interested in weekly sessions or wish to schedule once a month or “as needed” sessions, we are available.  Sessions may be scheduled for individuals or couples. 

Additionally, we offer relationship and sex education for teens and young adults with ASD.  We provide a safe and engaging environment to learn about and discuss important information related to relationships, anatomy, sexual behavior, abuse, self-advocacy, contraception, and appropriate boundaries.