Crisis Res-Q


Crisis Intervention & Intensive Parent Support – Super Nanny for Autism

Under the best of circumstances, parenting is filled with challenges and obstacles that can be overwhelming. Parenting a child or teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be exponentially more difficult. Complicated issues concerning sleeping, personal hygiene, homework and temper outbursts can make the most confident parent question their ability. It is not uncommon that behaviors escalate to a crisis level and affect the entire household. Parents are forced to put their lives on hold to just get through the day to day with a child who is out of control.

When the usual advice for parents is not enough, Autism Partnership can help

The experts at Autism Partnership have been helping families manage extreme behaviors for over 30 years! We work with children, adolescents and adults. We provide critical assistance when parents are at their breaking point.

We assess the situation, provide practical solutions and coach parents on the spot to quickly resolve the crisis. We bring tranquility back to the home. Most importantly, parents are taught critical skills for on-going success after the expert leaves.

Parents say this intervention is life changing

Families have been able to avoid extreme alternatives such as moving their child to a residential facility. Parents have learned skills, became empowered and have brought sanity back to their home…. and kept it that way!

Res-Q addresses a family’s individualized needs

  • Most situations can be resolved within one to two weeks
  • Service occurs at the most clinically beneficial times, days or evenings
  • Rates vary depending on: duration, time of day, fees for specialized consultant(s), travel expenses
  • Follow-up consultations are available

For more information contact : or 800-816-9293 ext. 0