General information

Functional Behavioral Assessments

Functional behavior assessments are critical in the development of effective programs. By determining the factors that contribute to disruptive and interfering behaviors we can develop plans that will effectively teach child alternative behaviors. Behavior assessments also serve as means to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention identify needed refinements in the program and determining readiness for reduction in services or need for increased services.

An Autism Partnership clinician who specializes in evaluating the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder will interview parents and teachers as well as make observations in a variety of critical settings (home, school, social settings) to develop a comprehensive behavioral treatment plan.

A completed behavioral assessment will include:

Baseline Information

  • Descriptions of disruptive/interfering behaviors: behavior rates, antecedents that appear to trigger behaviors and consequences of those behaviors
  • Functional Analysis of behaviors: the factors that are contributing to disruptive behaviors
  • Identification of the child’s abilities and skill deficits

Program Plan

  • Detailed plan to address identified target behaviors
  • Individualized curriculum to assist the child in mastery of critical skills


  • Behavior intervention services
  • Training plan for teachers and parents
  • Upon request, recommendations for related educational placement and services may also be provided

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