Complimentary Training Workshop for Schools Scholarship Opportunity Available Now

Consistent with our goal to provide information and support to teachers and all involved in autism education,  Autism Partnership Foundation is  sponsoring  an opportunity  for a school  or School District (located in Southern California) to receive a complimentary 1-day workshop  for their entire autism services team.   Interested?  Application Information is below.

The Free Workshop is Titled:  “Bullying and ASD:  The Perfect Storm”

Presented by: Ron Leaf, Ph.D.and Tracee Parker, Ph.D.

General information

Autism Partnership Foundation
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Autism Partnership Foundation was established to provide services to children whose parents do not have the means to obtain treatment and to advance research on the behavioral treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and to educate parents and professionals about ASD and Applied Behavior Analysis.