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Autism Partnership Foundation
Advancing Excellence In Autism Treatment & Research

Drs. Ron Leaf and John McEachin founded the Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) with the vision of ensuring quality and effective intervention could be accessible to all children with ASD and their families by advancing what we know about effective autism treatment through research and and training. With the growing number of children diagnosed with ASD, the need for effective and accessible treatment has never been greater.  The importance of continuing to develop what we know about ASD and how behaviorally based treatment can most effectively address this complex disorder is vital.


Autism Partnership Foundation is committed to advancing professional standards and treatment for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder through research and training. 

  • Conducting and supporting research to further our knowledge and understanding of effective treatment
  • Promoting expertise in the application of effective treatment through the Autism Partnership Foundation Academy
  • Educating and training parent and professionals about ASD and Applied Behavior Analysis

Your tax-deductible contribution provides vital funding for development of new programs and ensuring that children in need will receive the treatment they deserve.

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