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It’s Time for School!
Building Quality ABA Educational Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Autism Partnership: Ron Leaf, Ph.D., Mitchell Taubman, Ph.D. and John McEachin, Ph.D.

With contributing chapters by: Marlena Driscoll, M.A., LMFT, Alicia Ellis, M.Ed., M.S., Craig Kennedy, Ph.D, Toby Mountjoy, Tracee Parker, Ph.D., Leticia Palos-Rafuse, M.S., Jon Rafuse, M.A., Rick Schroeder, Jennifer Sryzens, M.S., Andrea Waks, J.D.D., and Tammy White, M.Ed.

A must read for all school administrators, special education staff and parents who have children with autism. . . . Required reading for all educators! – Joanne D. Foland, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, Los Alamitos Unified School District

Gives detailed research-based strategies and key components in a clear, concise and easily replicable manner. . . . Follow the guidelines in this book to create and deliver high-quality student-centered programs, and track student progress to demonstrate accountability. From the critical components of imbedding ABA to the keys to a highly effective reinforcement program, this book contains the answers education professionals have been seeking. . . . An outstanding work! – Mary Schillinger, Assistant Superintendent Education, Las Virgenes Unified School District

The editors of this book offer practical advice to special education directors and superintendents while providing extensive training to teachers, direct and supplementary service personnel and parents. It is an essential manual that demonstrates how to determine and optimize the best school placement for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while ensuring quality and continuity of service. It’s Time for School! is sure to become the standard guidebook for setting up school-based ABA programs.

Topics include:

  • How to Establish an ABA Classroom
  • Developing Staff Skills, Workshops, and Classroom Checklists
  • Determining the Best Placement
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Explanation of Discrete Trial Training

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