Autism Partnership
believes effective treatment begins with well trained staff.

We take pride in the investment we make in training our staff to be skilled progressive behavior analysts with the ability to make the in-the-moment decisions we believe is fundamental to quality ABA and the AP Method.    

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree and meeting the requirements required for RBT® certification, all staff must demonstrate competency in the understanding and implementation of ABA and the AP Method.  Most importantly, they must show a passion for children and a dedication to the field of autism treatment.

Autism Partnership’s rigorous and intensive training includes instruction in both theoretical and applied behavior analysis to create an integrated foundation and understanding of in what ABA is and how it is implemented. Initial training includes didactic instruction, overlap with staff development team, and hands-on experiences; preparing our therapists to develop the critical thinking skills needed to make moment-by-moment treatment decisions as each session unfolds without relying on prescribed protocols or predetermined rules. 

 Each member of our treatment team must demonstrate proficiency in the fundamentals of Progress Applied Behavior Analysis and the AP Method, including:

  • ABA based teaching strategies (e.g. Discrete Trial Teaching, Teaching Interaction Procedure, Naturalistic Teaching)
  • Reinforcement development and implementation
  • Flexible prompt and prompt fading
  • Generalization throughout each phase of programming
  • Developing spontaneous and natural communication
  • Social skill development
  • Curriculum and curriculum development
  • Developmental norms
  • Understanding the diagnosis of autism 
  • Working with families

We believe ongoing training is fundamental to providing the highest quality intervention.  Autism Partnerships provides continued and advanced skill development through mentorship, research opportunities and scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in ABA and related fields. 

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